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Just another world cup blog (world cup semis) July 6, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Soccer, Sports, World Cup 2006.

So I thought I’d write a few lines about the latest results on the world cup just because I haven’t commented on the topic in a few days, but really not because the results have me exited. Don’t get me wrong, I was relieved that Italy beat Germany, but as I’ve said before, I would have much rather seen Argentina there instead if Germany.

The Italy-Germany game was pretty good, I have to say. In spite of the 0-0 in the 90 minutes, I liked the game. And then, in the extra time, I loved what I saw. No midfields, just give-and-take football, from one side to the other, with desperation, exhaustion, passion… Both teams were giving everything they had. I really liked those 30 minutes of football. (Should they get rid of midfielders to make soccer faster-paced?… I know this is just a utopia.) And then, in the end, seeing two excellent goals to close up from Italy made me love this team, which was my favorite from before the game, and now makes it my preferred team to win the cup… Yes, I WILL BE CHEERING FOR ITALY.

There is really not much to say about the other semifinal. It was a much more boring game, nothing really to talk about, not even goals as France just scored on a penalty shot. I wanted Portugal to get through, but they didn’t really show much to deserve it. Not that France showed much more, but at least they had that penalty. Crsitiano Ronaldo showed some interesting stuff, and that is it. I don’t like the French team.

So, the final should be interesting (hopefully) I think Italy will win, but so far my predictions for this world cup have been pretty off, so I don’t know….



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