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Joseph Blatter’s words do harm March 1, 2007

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If FIFA’s purpose is to make to world a better place to live in, its president’s declarations regarding the assignment of the host country for the 2014 World Cup don’t help much.

Colombia is a country that has suffered through a lot of violence and injustice in the last 50 years, and recently it seems like the country has seen much improvement, as far as security and economic development, it could be said it is the best the country has been in the last 20 years. Last year, Colombia’s president decided to bid to be host of the 2014 World Cup, competing with Brazil for it since it has been said that hosting the Wordl Cup that year corresponds to a South American country. Even though it does seem like Brazil would be a much stronger candidate for several reasons, only the idea of making the try to compete for it should be supported by FIFA authorities. The government of Colombia is serious that it will make the biggest effort possible to make Colombia a strong candidate, and has been working for it.

Yesterday, in a series of declarations regarding future world cup assignments, Joseph Blatter, FIFA president, put a big road block to Colombia’s bid. In his declarations, Blatter said that Colombia’s bid is “mora a public relations presentation” to hide Colombia’s real problems, and make Colombia appear on international headlines for things other than violence in the country. Now, I wonder if Blatter knows the extent of his words. I mean, even if this was real, even if the real possibility of Colombia hosting the biggest sporting event in the world is very remote, Blatter should at least support the effort that the country is making, focus more on Colombia’s real improvements, and see what kind of a candidate Colombia can make.

Instead of this, Blatter went even further saying that if Brazil and Colombia don’t make strong candidates, then “we would go north instead as the logical thing”, like if going North was the logical thing these days, especially when there is so much inequality in the world; countries from the “South” need more support instead of disregarding words like those. Furthermore, on top of this, Mr. FIFA president decided to open the possibility for yet another World Cup in the US for 2018. No that I have anything against the US, (actually I do have a few things against some of their actions and policies), but the US is not even a country where soccer is that relevant. Maybe Joseph liked too much all the money that was made there in 1994, and would like to repeat the feat.

It looks like Blatter got up with his Corporate, big-marketing, money-making instinct yesterday morning. His words do more harm than perhaps he realizes, and go against what FIFA proclaims, which is helping to create “Fair Play”, and equality in the world. C’mon, Sepp, if you can’t say anything to help for justice in the world, at least let countries work for it, and keep your mouth shut.


UN General Assembly… September 21, 2006

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Well, this one is shaping up to be a special General Assembly. Not very often will we get to have two opponent leaders in the same city, and even perhaps in the same building, on the same day, but trying to avoid each other, only communicating through indirect messages sent to each other on their speeches.

That was the case yesterday, with US President Bush, and the president of Iran… My question, especially after watching their interviews on CNN at night, is: Which one of them is worse? All I could think while watching the interviews was: I can’t believe these are our world leaders. I mean, both of them seem to be so stubborn, and none of them really answered any question clearly. All that really leaves us all wondering where things will go in the near future.

Then there was Venezuelan President Chavez calling Bush “The Devil”. What, does that guy think this is a circus? Does he have no respect for all the other members of the UN? Chavez is a specialist in these kinds of comments, but the guy yesterday lacked all sorts of tact, and class. The leader of a country should measure his or her words when speaking to the world. We all know he dislikes Bush, and disagrees with America’s policy. Chavez has made this very clear, so there is no necessity to get up there, and waste everyone’s time by making classless jokes calling other people names… but I know this is too much to ask of Chavez.

Anyway, this one has been a pretty interesting UN general assembly. Today we’ll have Colombia’s president, Alvaro Uribe say his speech…. We’ll see what he has to say. He is a friend of Bush, and an undeclared opponent of Chavez, and Iran…. 

The Absurdness of War August 10, 2006

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The more I read and look into the current Middle East war, the more I think Israel is not right in what it is doing. I still claim not to know enough about the history of what is going on there, but every time I read something new about the current war, I lean towards the Lebanese side more and more. The reason? Seems to me like Israel is using too much brute force, more than it is necessary. They are killing way more civilians on Lebanese territory than Hezbollah has on Israeli land, and now, the whole thing is starting to look more like an Israeli invasion than anything else. Last I read was that Israeli ground troops are already 30 km inside on Lebanese territory…. If this is not an invasion, then what is it?

A friend of mine pointed this VIDEO out for me, which I find really interesting…

I am not going to say that everything George Galloway claims on this video has to be right, as he seems overly passionate and biased, but maybe there is some truth to what he is saying…

I also heard that Israel might look into the exchange of prisoners to stop the war… The question is: if they end up exchanging prisoners, and stop the current violence, what is going to happen to all the damage done? Who is going to bring back the innocent lives lost? How is Lebanon going to be rebuilt? Is anyone ever going to take responsibility on all that happened in this preposterous war?

I Really Wonder what Chavez’s Intentions are August 1, 2006

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Of all the news stories that I read every day, there are some of them that really make my blood boil, as there are some things that happen in this world that I just plainly don’t understand. The wars going on in the middle east really catch a lot of my attention, and concern, and I could write blogs on those every day, but I don’t as I’ve posted a couple of articles on that, and I want to maintain a variety of topics in this blog.

The latest story that is making me feel full of concern is Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez’s latest eastern tour, including visits to Russia, Belarus, and Iran. After seeing all the things that this guy does and says, I can only wonder what his real intentions are. I think this guy really has dark intentions for Latin America and the world, in allying with some of the countries that right now are creating fear and instability in the world.

Chavez signed a deal to acquire weapons with Russia, which in itself is fine; every country has their own right to defend themselves. However, the amount of weapons that this guy is getting makes me think that he has obscure plans to attack somebody. I really hope I am wrong, but I don’t see any other objective on him being so keen on getting tremendous amounts of weaponry.

After Russia, Chavez went to visit Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus authoritarian president, “Europe’s last dictator”. Now, it is obvious that both of the “presidents” have a lot in common, and this is no surprise to anyone. The way Chavez has been governing Venezuela has been more dictatorial than anything.

Then, the most recent stop in Chavez’s tour is Iran…. What else can be said? Iran is currently urged by the UN to stop their nuclear weapon development, and are said to be supporters of terrorist groups like Hezbollah. Does Chavez want to get involved in all this? Does he want his own share of nuclear responsibility? Is he looking for more ways to be authoritarian? Is he trying to create fear in the Latin American community just like Iran has done with the whole world? Again, I hope the answers to all those questions are “NO”, however, unfortunately the evidence seems to show the opposite.

If Chavez doesn’t like the United States that is fine, as a matter of fact, most people in the world don’t. However, all of his actions are going too far in showing that he is an anti-democratic leader, that his ways are the ways of fear, that he has bigger plans to expand his influence to other countries. Chavez is just helping to create more instability in the world. A lot of the Venezuelan’s I know say this guy is crazy, and I am starting to believe the same thing. For now I can only hope that his intentions are not as obscure as my pessimistic predictions indicate.

Israel throughout history: Martyrs, or Agressors? July 25, 2006

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I was just thinking today that it is evident that Israel has had problems with all their neighbors, namely Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon… When you are the one that is in problems with everybody else, you can only wonder if you are the one who has problems.

With this I don’t want to imply anything about Israel, as I really don’t think I can understand much of the situation there, and even at times I tend to take part with them, but from looking at the facts, and the territorial problems seen with all of Israel’s neighbors, I was thinking that Israel is either a nation that has suffered the harshest injustices to keep their land, or they are an aggressor who always want to take what belongs to somebody else.

I know the situation is more complicated than that, and you can’t just easily decide what belongs to whom, because in reality, the location of this territory makes it the land that many ethnic and religious groups claim, Christians included. You can only hope that in some way, all parts involved will find a way to “share” the land, and forget past aggressions. I know it is hard, but hoping for this is all the majority of humans can do right now.

It is irrational to try to stop violence by creating a war July 20, 2006

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Israel’s disproportionate use of force will only bring more violence to the Middle East.

Israel has its own right to defend itself. That is what the majority of the western world thinks when it comes down to the situation in the Middle East in the last week. Fine, this may be true. The question that I have is whether it is a good idea to bring violence to an end when all you are creating is more violence. Do Israelis really think that bombing Lebanon will make Hezbollah, a terrorist group, want to stop their terrorist acts? I think Israel’s actions are just feeding Hezbollah’s hunger, and are just making Lebanese people get on the side of Hezbollah, as they feel that the common enemy is the one that is destructing their territory, and killing their families.

The US ambassador to the UN has defended Israeli actions, as it is the only position that the US can take, since there is a big similarity between what is happening right now, and what the US did on Iraq. So, the obvious thing to do for the US is to get on the side of Israel, and say that there is a valid reason for Israel to do what they are doing. Quoting John Bolton, US ambassador to the UN: “As we’ve said repeatedly, what we seek is a long-term cessation of hostilities that is part of a comprehensive change in the region and a part of a real foundation for peace but, still, no one has explained how you conduct the cease-fire with a group of terrorists”.

After hearing this, all that comes to mind is a quote that I once read. I believe it was Mahatma Gandhi who said it: “There is no road to peace, peace is the road”.

Israel: Is so much violence necessary? July 14, 2006

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Ok, I am not an expert in the Israel-Arab situation, I know pretty much only what they say on the news. But after seeing all that’s happened this week, I can only say… Has it been too much already?

Granted, the Israeli soldiers are retained by Hezbollah, and maybe there are ties between this terrorist group and the Lebanese government. But, is all the violence displayed by Israel necessary? Fine, Israelis have their right to defend themselves, if their soldiers were kidnapped like they said. But enough is enough, and I don’t consider that anything justifies so much harm done to the Lebanese country.

Are there valid reasons to attack? I don’t know. I tend to think that perhaps there may be, but I honestly don’t know all the details, so I can’t take a real position here. Some people are saying that the kidnapping of the soldiers happened in order to pushe for an exchange for Lebanese prisoners being held by Israel. However, if the Lebanese government does protect the Hezbollah group, and there are ties of terrorism with Iran and Syria, then it seems like Israel perhaps would have a right to defend themselves. It doesn’t matter too much. All that I know is that the use of force has to be measured. Lebanon is a country that has suffered from too much violence, and injustice. Obviously those who are affected the most have always been the most innocent people, the children, the poor… Why does Israel want to keep destructing Lebanon in this way? It seems like there was a reconstruction process going on in the Lebanon, but now, it all has been destroyed again by the Israeli attacks. How is this justified? Please, Israel: measure your actions.

About time it ends July 6, 2006

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I was very surprised today when found on a Colombian newspaper news about the horrible crime by US soldiers on an Iraqi young woman who was reportedly Raped, and then killed along with all the members of her family by the Americans.

The biggest surprise didn’t come from the piece of news itself, but from the source I read it from. How is it possible that such a terrible (perhaps the worst by American troops so far) crime not be on first page of every US newspaper and news site? CNN had it somewhere hidden in the World section, and I had to do a search to find the story…. Are the media starting to hide news concerning crimes by US troops on civilians? Are they underestimating the importance of this? Have so many of these occurred that they’ve got used? All of the above? Any of these reasons is just as bad…

I think it is about time that the US government sets a short-term deadline on withdrawing its troops from Iraq. It is clear to everyone now that the invasion was wrong, it had no clear reasons, and even though a new ‘democratic’ government has been set, peace in that country is far from being seen, and the Americans there are just making things more difficult, they are just intensifying violence, and with those crimes against civilians they are both giving more reasons for insurgents to keep attacking, and increasing the generalized hatred towards Americans in Iraq, and all over the world.

It would be irresponsible to just leave the country all of a sudden, but I do think serious deadlines should be set, and a plan for the evacuation of American troops from Iraq should start to be created. It is about time Americans leave Iraq in peace, and stop attacking civilians.

The reason for American soldiers to be so savage and aggressive? I think that the brainwashing done in the Army has a lot to do with that, but this is a whole new topic….

Why? July 5, 2006

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It is still hard for me to understand why North Korea has decided to remain isolated from the international community over the years ever since the Stalinist government is in power. Everyone wonders how things work over there, and whether their people leave freely, and whether they at leas leave under the most basic living conditions.

Now, North Korea’s government has decided to fire a whole bunch of missiles for a reason that is incomprehensible for the rest of the world, although many believe to know the reason, which, according to what they speculate, is to provoke the US, and display power to show that they are stronger than many think.

Well, to me all this is inconceivable. How is it that in the 21st century, after all the damage that was done to the earth and the creatures that inhabit it in the previous century,  there are still countries who want to build weapons that can create even more damage, and show them off. Haven’t they realized peace is the only way in which we will still be able to have a world for the future generations? Has our level of distrust for each other as humans has become so big that we need to create and show off bigger and more destructive weapons all the time to make others respect us?

I plainly don’t understand any of this. I wonder why North Korea has decided to remain isolated, ignoring the invitations of other countries to join them in talks. I wonder why instead of creating ways that will bring them closer to the rest of the world they decided to get more distant with actions like today’s.  I also wonder what is in the minds of governments and groups that still make them believe war is the way to go. Is it because they don’t like peace? Do they feel safer in war than in peace? –I don’t. My mind hasn’t reached the level of reasoning to find reasons, and all I can ask is: Why?


“Cooking the planet for profit” June 26, 2006

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I love the way this editorial says it. This seems to be what the Bush administration and other governments around the world are doing when failing to adhere to Environmental agreements, and avoiding to take real measures against gas emissions, and other ways of pollution under the excuse that it slows down economic growth.

People, the Earth is warmer than it has been in 400 years, possibly in two millennia…. Is this enough said, or what?