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Why are all those steel bars displayed there? August 8, 2006

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9/11 Events: So hard to explain, even harder to understand

speace_tower_chapel.jpgI went to the International Peace garden, at the border between the US and Canada, between the province of Manitoba and the state of North Dakota. It is a natural park that has a big botanical garden “devoted to world peace”. The main attraction in the garden are four 120 foot pillars of solid concrete symbolizing people gathering together from the four corners of the world, which stand right on the line that separates the US and Canada the border.

Another one of the things to see in the garden is the 9/11 memorial, which consists of several steel girders that belonged to the actual twin towers of the World Trade Center. To us, those who lived through that horrific day those fallen pieces of steel and concrete represent too much, and bring back feelings of sadness, rage, perhaps frustration for not being able to understand such events. As I walked through them, I couldn’t help but feel sad, and internalize the importance of such event that shifted the course of human history.

To us, those in this generation who lived through that day, and saw almost instantly on TV the images, it will be looked as an event that stopped a period of relative calm and peace in the world, to start a series of wars that today, 5 years later still are inexplicable, have brought no results, created more questions than answers, and have killed thousands of innocent people.

As I was reflecting on that, something happened that called my attention. A girl who was about 6 years old was standing in front of the girders, and asking her dad “Daddy, what happened there?” Such a simple question, which is so hard to answer. The girl obviously didn’t know what happened on September 11, 2001. She probably hadn’t been born yet. However, the events of that day changed the world that she is to live in. Her dad made an attempt at explaining what had happened by saying “Some planes crashed into two huge buildings, and killed many people“. Nice and simple, and perhaps the best way to explain it to a child who does not understand the meaning of global politics, power, poverty, imperialism, religious ideologies, or terrorism. It was such a simple answer to something that perhaps nobody in the world can explain. This made me wonder how future generations will explain this event, as in reality it really changed the way the world is to develop in the post 9/11 era.

Someday I will have to explain to my children what happened that day. It will be hard to explain all that, mainly as I doubt that I will ever fully understand what the heck happened that day.


No Polar bears near Winnipeg! July 28, 2006

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In response to Al’s comment, who asked whether I’ve seen the Polar Bears that live near Winnipeg, I decided to write this blog, as I find it interesting how so many people south of the border, and even some in Canada have a bit of a misconception about Winnipeg. I don’t blame anyone from believing that there are Polar bears here, though as winters in here do get pretty damn cold. However, the Polar Bears don’t come this far down. The Polar Bears are in Churchill, which is a city way up north in this same province, by the Hudson Bay. You can’t drive there, you have to fly, or take a 38-hour train to get there. Perhaps Al and some others have read about that, and believe Churchill is near by Winnipeg, but it actually is pretty far away.

So, thanks for your comment, Al. I’d like to see those Polar bears some time too, but it seems like it is not much easier for me to get there than it is for you (I don’t actually know where you live). Hopefully some day you’ll make it there, and if you get there before I do, let me know how it is. Meanwhile I will keep enduring these harsh winters, and unbearable super hot summers (-40 degrees Celsius, to +40 Celsius)….

Understanding Zidane July 24, 2006

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Something happened to me last weekend that made me that made me understand a bit more what Zidane did at the world cup final. This may be obvious, but when somebody is talking too much, and you want them to stop doing it, and they make you loose your cool with their words, violence comes, as you think it is the only way to bring things to an end.

What happened to me last weekend was similar to Zidane’s case in that there was this guy who was drunk and annoying, and he started harassing my girlfriend friend, and obviously that got me upset, so I went to him and told him to stop it, but they guy only got more annoying, and started saying insults, and all that. It doesn’t really matter what this guy said, but when he got so annoying, I totally lost my cool, and jsut wanted to beat the “#$%*&%” out of him. I hit him on the face a couple of times, broke a camera he was using to annoy people, and threw his sunglasses on the floor… The guy never did anything other than saying annoying things, I don’t know if it was because he was so drunk, or because he is just such a wimp. After that, the security people separated us, and I went back to my table, but the guy still would not shut up, so I got up, confronted him again, and told him to go outside with me to resolve any problem that he had…. The security guys of the place saw me confronting him for the second time, and even though I hadn’t been the initiator, and I was the sober one, they kicked me out of the place….

Making the connection to the Zidane case, you can say that he probably didn’t initiate things (who knows)…. But the thing is that as a human you can really loose control of yourself when others are too annoying, and maybe Zidane did get hurt if the words were insults to members of his family. This doesn’t justify anything, as Zidane should have kept his cool, just like I should have as well on my incident, but personally I think I understand a little bit what was going through Zidane’s head when he head butted Materazzi.

Friends June 19, 2006

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I know there must be a ton of blogs out there about friendship, but I just felt like writing a few lines on this, as a really good buddy of mine found this blog, and let me know how good it was… That just brought back to my mind how important and how highly regarded my friends back home are for me.

You know, To me there is nothing as honest and sincere like your childhood friends, the people you grew up with, people with whom you shared the best moments in your life, no matter where the world has taken you now. To me, having friends like that is like a blessing from above. I know that no matter where I go, I will always have them in my fondest memories. The friends I make every dayare very important, but I will never feel at home with anybody like I do with my friends from back home, the friends from always, the friends that will always be there, no matter how distant we are, or how often we communicate, I can always just sense that those friends are there.

I don't know if everyone gets to have this kind of friends, but if it is not everyone, I consider myself a very fortunate person to have them.


Una dedicatoria a alguien que se lo merece June 18, 2006

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juan3.PNG juan21.PNG

Tan solo quiero hacer una pequeña dedicatoria a una joven person, quien apenas esta iniciando su vida, y desde ya se ve que esta para grandes Cosas. El es de lejos el chico mas inteligente y astuto que yo conozco, no solo es un excelente estudiante (el mejor de su grado en su colegio) sino tambien tiene in talento envidiable para las artes y, recientemente descubierto, el deporte. Mi hermano, desafortunadamente por esas cosas de la vida yo he tenido que vivir separado de el por mas de 5 años, lo que cuenta por la mitad de su vida. Pero en el corazon siempre estamos unidos, y nuestra especial relacion es percebible desde la distancia. Esto es para ti, Juan Pablo, que Dios te bendiga, y sigue adelante, Campeon…


A worthy Life June 2, 2006

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Most people usually spend their life waiting for a moment in which they will finally be able to have economic stability, and be able to do little work, and relax for the most part, while they have no financial worries. I adhere myself to this group of people, and while to some extent this would bring a relaxed life and certain temporary happiness, I do believe that in time once this is achieved life becomes monotonous, and will not necessarily bring the real happiness and peace that we all seek. Indeed I believe that constant new challenges, new dreams, and helping the community is what brings real happiness and peace, and makes our life feel worthy of all the wonders that the world may bring.

As an exmple I will look at the case of Univeristy (usually undergrad) students. Normally when you are a student you spend four or more years of your life just waiting for that moment to finally finish your studies, graduate, and start making money and not having to worry too much about anything else. This might not be the case of all students, but I am sure it is the case of big chunk of them. Then, what happens is that after graduating and landing a job you feel like you've done it. However, after some time working at a 9-5 kind of job, and having afternoons and weekends to just relax and do whatever you want, you start feeling like there is something missing. It is like you don't feel you are doing enough in life, in spite of all the achievements collectd in the past. Then you start looking for new things to do, building up new dreams and working for those dreams in order to feel more complete in life.
More challenges mean more work, and definitley mean more effort to do in life. Perhaps there will not be as many free weekends and afternoons; however, if there are challenges, it is because there are dreams, it is because there are special reasons to wake up every morning, and it is because we are really working towards something. This in place will make us feel like we are alive, and makes our life worthwhile.

I can certainly relate to this feeling and hope for some more and greater challenges in life. I hope to never stop dreaming, as that day i will feel that I am not alive. I also hope to always be willing to work as hard as I can to make my dreams come true.