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Journey of a Fan August 30, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in pop culture, Shakira.

So I finally got to see Shakira in Toronto, it was all good times, the trip was excellent, and I was glad I was having the opportunity to go see her show live, even though it was several miles away from where I live. As I was going there I could not stop thinking about what as a fan I was doing to go see my “idol”; like flying for such a long distance just to see her. I do respect Shakira lots, and I admire her. So much that I traveled 1386.9005 miles (according to Google maps) by myself over a weekend.

The trip started great. On the airplane I was reading on the airline magazine an article about how Bogotá is booming, how much the city has improved, and how great it is as a tourist destination – The article went to say that the biggest danger you will face in Bogotá is the risk of being forced to dance salsa in front of a group of strangers…. I was happy to read that. As I arrived in Toronto, at a great youth hostel, I started walking around the city realizing how good a city it is. When I had been there before, I hadn’t really had the time to enjoy the city, but this time I really liked it. On the day of the concert I went around the arena early enough to see what was going on, and I saw the busses that transport Shakira and her band!!! The only person I saw walking outside of the bus like any other citizen was Albert Menendez, the really cool Rasta guy that plays keyboards in the band. That was the first sense of excitement there. I was surprised to read a sign at the Arena door saying essentially that no cameras would be allowed in the Arena for the concert, so I got all worried as I really wanted to take some pictures, and started plotting a plan to sneak the camera in…

So, at 6:30 the door opened, for a concert that was supposed to start at 7:30, and there were a lot of people already lining up at least since 5:30.  Lots of Colombians, Colombian flags, Colombian soccer jerseys… It was like if team Colombia was going to play…I stood in line for like 30 minutes, and got in hiding my camera. It all went well, and I got in with no problems with my camera, to only later find out that everybody had cameras and were taking pictures and even video during the concert…. Apparently it wasn’t necessary to hide the camera to bring it into the arena.

So, the concert went well, and I will try to write up a review on it on another post. My seat was at an excellent position where I viewed the whole concert from.  In the end everyone in the crowd seemed to love the concert, and I was really excited that I got to see Shakira so up close to me and that I got to take many pictures of her show. (Too bad a few of them turned out really blurry).

The day after it was time to come back home, with my memories from the show, and wondering if I am a really big looser that makes such a long trip just to go see Shakira. Obviously, after seeing your idol you always want more, but when you think about it, all you can really get is to pay a lot of money for an expensive ticket up close to the stage, and see the artist performing. The trip on the plane back was really good. On the airplane I read the article about Bogotá once more, and when I got back to Winnipeg, I realized this is a city that I find too small and quiet for my taste, after I got to see how good it felt to be in T.O.

So this is the story of my trip to go see Shakira. I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity to do anything like this again, so this one will remain in my memory. Hey, maybe my grandkids will laugh at me some day when I tell them the story!!!


North american Tour Kicked off August 11, 2006

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normal_escena.jpg It looks like Shakira started her North American Oral Fixation tour in style. Apparently the El Paso concert was excellent, as expected. The Toronto Concert is still getting closer, and expectation for me keeps growing. I absolutely Can’t wait.

I was reading some Latin American news yesterday and found out that Jerry Rivera, the Puerto Rican Salsa singer from the 90’s actually was complaining about the trumpet arrangement on his “Amores Como el Nuestro” song, because Shakira uses the same arrangement on “Hips don’t Lie”. Truth be told, I think the guy is more envious than anything, as Shakira did everything legally, and got permission to use them, but apparently Rivera wanted her to personally ask him for permission, or something. oh well…. Maybe he just wanted a chance to meet her….

Anyway, Looks like shakira also published the schedule for her Latin American “Fijación Oral” tour…. Apaprently she will be all over the place (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, of course… etc…) I just haven;t been able to find anywhere the actual dates for her concerts… It would be interesting to know…

Well, Shakira and Wycleaf Jean in Phoenix tonight, should be alright as well…. We’ll see what the media says tomorrow…

Shakira’s Oral fixation world tour July 19, 2006

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It’s been a long time since Shakira went on a Colombian tour presenting her “Pies Descalzos” album.

shaki.jpgThe day for Shakira’s Toronto concert is quickly approaching and I am already building excitement as I’ve been waiting to see Shakira live for about 10 years now. It was in 1996 when I saw her for the first and only time. Back then she was a sentimental teenager who seemed to be starting her career, but already had like two previous rather unsuccessful albums. Back then I already liked a couple of songs of that singer who stood on the stage of “El Campin” stadium in Bogotá, and cried singing “Antologia”. I was way at the back of the stadium, and I could barely see Shakira’s tiny figure, but I still enjoyed her show, which wasn’t only hers. That day, Shakira shared the stage with Mexican band “Cafe Tacuba” and Argentinean singer “Miguel Mateos”. Seemingly, back then, Shakira was the “smallest” artist in the show, literally and figuratively, as the other two artists had a bigger trajectory in Latin American rock.

Today it is amazing to see Shakira showcasing her music all around the world, setting new records with her songs, and being a world wide figure, one of the most widely recognized artists in the world. I was surprised to hear that her last two concerts in Croatia and Romania were not as crowded as expected. Reportedly, in Croatia only 10000 people showed up at her concert, while in Timisoara, Romania, “only” 17000 people showed up, when they were expecting 40000. I am daring to speculate that this was caused by errors in the organization, where concerts weren’t planned with enough time necessary to put on a show if this magnitude, and perhaps there wasn’t enough publicity for them. Some say the cost of the tickets were a bit high. This is just my speculation, as with the fame and popularity that Shakira has , it is hard to believe that in those countries there aren’t more than 10000-17000 people who want to see her. Hopefully this doesn’t lower the energy, and the enthusiasm that Shakira and her band will have comes the time to tour around North America. I am expecting bigger concerts than there were in the previous “Mongoose” tour as I saw parts of it on her “Live and off the record” DVD, and it looked fantastic. I guess we’ll see, but to me, excitement is only getting bigger and bigger until the day when I see her live in Toronto 7 seat rows away from me.

Shakira and Juanes singing together in Spain June 19, 2006

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Those lucky spaniards…. Shakira and Junes on stage together is something never seen before. It is great to see Colombia’s two superstars there, as I always wondered if they were ever going to sing together.

You know, these are two of the people the I admire the most in the world. As a Colombian it is hard to be recognized outside of the country, having to oevercome all sorts of adversities, including stereotypes. It is only through hard work and dedication that these two artists have been able to conquer the world. Something that I admire, and very much look to imitate. They are showing the world that in COlombia we still have people who work hard, who are honest, who want peace in their country and in thew whole world….

Very few artists of today have done what Shakira has. She is recognized all over the world, and the same thing with Juanes, conquering Europe, and Asia. Apperently he is the biggest star in Japan right now…. I wonder why Juanes hasn’t got so much recognition in Canada. Is it because he doesn’t sing in English? Is this a proof that afterall Canadians are not as open minded as they say they are? In any way both of them have been able to put Colombia in the map, and be admired as proud Colombians. It is interesting how the Colombian soccer team did not qualify to the world cup, but Colombia’s representation in the tournament comes from Juanes and Shakira…. Juanes had a presentation during the ceremony to draw the first-round groups, and Shakira will sing prior to the final game…


I found a video of their sharing the stage… HERE