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Watch out, Canada. Your reputation is at stake March 15, 2007

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Canada, the “nice” peaceful country, liked by most, famous for its “peace” keeping missions all over the world, is risking this reputation of being a nice and peaceful nation due to the very permissive laws on seal hunting. Since last year, the entire world seems to be trying to persuade the Canadian government to set tougher laws on seal hunting, and nowadays, when ecology and the environment seem to be a hot topic in the world, that would make a lot of sense.

However, the Canadian government seems to continue allowing for the hunt of high numbers of harp seals. The main argument is that this activity represents the means of living for many inhabitants of Northeastern Canada including some Inuit groups. It seems obvious that this argument lacks any kind of ground, as it can be compared to arguing that growing coca should be legalized in Andean countries as this represents the most profitable means of living for peasants there. If developing countries like Colombia or Bolivia must find ways to stop this illegal activity, and replace this activity with other economic activities for those peasants, you’d expect that Canada, with one of the most highly developed economies in the world would be able to find alternate ways of survival for people who currently kill seals for profit.

European countries are currently considering banning all kinds of trading of seal skin. This can’t come soon enough; as a matter of fact, if should have already been banned. I mean, what do humans really need to use seal skin for? -Nothing that we won’t survive without. Trading seal skin should be banned, and that way withdraw the main reason people have to massacre innocent seals in many countries, but especially in Canada.

The world is asking for some action, and if Canada does set tough laws against seal hunting, its reputation in the world will be terribly affected. A country that is famous for its strong and liberal democracy, a country that represents one of the best places to live in the world, a country that takes pride on its peacemaking missions should act in favor of the earth and the environment, not in favor of the greed of some of its citizens. (more…)


“Cooking the planet for profit” June 26, 2006

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I love the way this editorial says it. This seems to be what the Bush administration and other governments around the world are doing when failing to adhere to Environmental agreements, and avoiding to take real measures against gas emissions, and other ways of pollution under the excuse that it slows down economic growth.

People, the Earth is warmer than it has been in 400 years, possibly in two millennia…. Is this enough said, or what?

Forget about Gas Prices, it is the Earth we should worry about June 23, 2006

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It is interesting how people have massively been showing concern about Gas Prices. Considering that Gas prices are mostly driven by Economic forces, there is little us, or the government can do about its price going up. Perhaps they should cut some of the taxes they put on fuel, but really taxes also act as a way to control the use of Gas, and prevent its waste. So, in that extent I am not vary much against high taxation for Gas.

We should not worry so much about the price issue. More than anything everyone should be concerned with how efficiently we are using this fuel that drives our lives, and how much damage we are causing to the environment by irresponsibly driving our car everyday, and unconsciously using non renewable energy that with better habits can easily be saved.

It was very surprising to fiund out that in California and Florida GM plan to offer subsidized gas prices to people that buy big SUV’s like HUMMERS, or SUBURBANS, or ESCALADES, etc… This is UNBELIEVABLE. No wonder GM has been doing so badly lately in business, and this looks to be a selfish desperate move. How in this world would you want to provide incentives for people to use big fat trucks that all they do is damage the environment in which we live? How would it be fare that a person that spends several thousand dollars just to look big in a vehicle that takes twice as much room in the street that we all drive on, pollutes our air, and uses the fuel that other people are trying to save, get gas rebates? It should actually be the other way around, and they should be making SUV owners pay more than others.

In the end we should really forget about Gas prices and how much money we would save by using a fuel efficient car, or not using one whenever we can. It is the earth that is at stake here. If we don’t start finding alternative ways of transportation, our air will get polluted until we can’t breathe anymore, and the precious fuel that is valuable to many other indispensable uses will run out.