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The magic of coffee January 31, 2007

Posted by dtenjo in Coffee, Colombia.
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A friend of Mine wrote this message to me this morning. I just found it really inspiring, and goes to show how simple things in life like a coffee break can be so meaningful…

This is the message:

hi david,

I just wanted to say thanks for the coffee you gave me. i opened it up and made myself an espresso this afternoon, and WOW! it’s the best espresso i had in a long time. it’s is thick and dark, full body flavoured with a hint of a floral aroma…that is distinctly Juan Valdez, and as my mind races to place it, i am sent back to Colombia–reminding me of the time we went for coffee, remember at the really nice cafe, on the day we were in the city, perhaps on our way to the gold museum or to show me the Candelaria and i remember the drinks being really fancy, like in Canada, but nicer, served in a glass…do you remember that day? and so i kept tasting the espresso, savouring every sip, enjoying the memories it brought to mind, including the other time we had coffee under the canopy we tucked into when it started raining that one day we were out, and every sip had such an intense memory associated with it, and it was wonderful…so then i began to experiment, with a piece of chocolate to taste on the side, and i was immediately reminded of coffee breaks from far off places…europe, south america, rich and luxurious…but nowhere near winnipeg, except for my kitchen, now! and then i added milk and made a latte…and i am jsut enjoying that now, reminded of breakfasts in spain, on a patio with a tostada con tomate….well, hopefully you enjoyed this little coffee break i sent you…thanks again for the coffee, i know it’s a real simple thing, but i really appreciate it.


New Juan Valdez, doesn’t look real. June 30, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Coffee, Colombia, Entertainment, Publicity.

With great surprise a couple of months ago I read on a Colombian News paper that JUAN VALDEZ was retiring… Whatttt???? I said to myself…. was this going to be the end of the Colombian icon, the one for which all Colombians feel so proud? THe most widely recognized publicity icon in North America????

Well, in reality the guy is just a character that is represented by an actor, Carlos Sanchez, who has done it for over 35 years, since JUAN VALDEZ was “born” in like the 60’s or 70’s. As it turns out, Carlos Sanchez, or the one we’ve known as Juan, finally deciuded to retire.


So, the National Federation of coffee growers of Colombia decided to run some casting to hire a new actor that would represent JuanValez , and Colombian coffee around the world. Not surprisingly, there were thousands of applications received, and today finally one was chosen.


Unfortunately to me this one doesn’t look real, he looks different from the picture in the logo, and very different from the good old Juan (or Carlos) anyhow, it looks as if Juan had been sick and lost a whole bunch of weight, or something like that..

I wonder now if they are going to “slightly” modify the Logo too? Is conchita (the mule) also going to retire, and a new also skinnier one will replace her????
So, that was my blog of the day. I know there are a lot of things going on around the world to be worrying about how a stupid publicity character looks…. But hey, this is a lighter note, and informative… I bet many of who will read this didn’t know the real name of the actor that represented Juan Valdez…. —Or the new one, who by the way is also called Carlos… His last name is Castañeda, though…