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About time it ends July 6, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Iraq War, News and politics, Politics.
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I was very surprised today when found on a Colombian newspaper news about the horrible crime by US soldiers on an Iraqi young woman who was reportedly Raped, and then killed along with all the members of her family by the Americans.

The biggest surprise didn’t come from the piece of news itself, but from the source I read it from. How is it possible that such a terrible (perhaps the worst by American troops so far) crime not be on first page of every US newspaper and news site? CNN had it somewhere hidden in the World section, and I had to do a search to find the story…. Are the media starting to hide news concerning crimes by US troops on civilians? Are they underestimating the importance of this? Have so many of these occurred that they’ve got used? All of the above? Any of these reasons is just as bad…

I think it is about time that the US government sets a short-term deadline on withdrawing its troops from Iraq. It is clear to everyone now that the invasion was wrong, it had no clear reasons, and even though a new ‘democratic’ government has been set, peace in that country is far from being seen, and the Americans there are just making things more difficult, they are just intensifying violence, and with those crimes against civilians they are both giving more reasons for insurgents to keep attacking, and increasing the generalized hatred towards Americans in Iraq, and all over the world.

It would be irresponsible to just leave the country all of a sudden, but I do think serious deadlines should be set, and a plan for the evacuation of American troops from Iraq should start to be created. It is about time Americans leave Iraq in peace, and stop attacking civilians.

The reason for American soldiers to be so savage and aggressive? I think that the brainwashing done in the Army has a lot to do with that, but this is a whole new topic….