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Kobe Being Kobe February 21, 2011

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His intrinsic need to be the alpha male was never more evident. During the all-star game, from minute one, Kobe knew what he was to demonstrate that night. He know what the reason was for him to be at staples center that night, and the reaosn he is the best backetball player in the world. In his city in his arena, he had a need to show he is the best among the best. That is the main reason Kobe took an extra effort during the all-star game to take some hefty dunks, and make some of the greatest moves that he has in his arsenal from minute one.

Some, such as Amar’e Stoudamire suggest Kobe just wanted to go for the MVP from the begining. Kobe later accepted he was aware that this night he could tie Bob Petit for the most MVP’s at an all-star game. Well, I think those who think like Stoudamire are right. Kobe knew that, and he wanted to go for the MVP. However, Kobe did not want to get it just for the sake of the record or the recognition. He wants, as he does every time he steps on a basketball court, to show that he is still the best. The LeBrons, the DWades, the Griffins the DRoses are great players, who perhaps due to the unforgiving power of father time will take Kobe’s place as the best player. Nevertheless, that moment has not come yet. Last night it was very evident who is the one who still dominates the game at age 32.

Some may think other players could have gotten the MVP, but just did not care enough to go for it. That is exactly what still separates Kobe from the rest of the field. Kobe always cares, as he said last night, out of respect for the game, every time he gets on a basketball court he goes to win. In addition, during the game it was evident that at some poing other players such as LeBron James started “caring”, and wanting to win the game and take the MVP from Kobe. LeBron tried, but his effort was not enough. By the time LeBron started pushing, he didn’t have enough time and skill  to take something that Kobe had from the end of the first half.

I call it Kobe being Kobe. He will continue to be, thank God we still have a few more years of the most dominating will to win in the NBA right now.



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