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Broken Heart…. June 30, 2006

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What a heart breaking loss for Argentina… Unbelievably, after I thought it was a secure win, the Germans tied the game, and won in penalty shootouts. My favorite team is out of the world cup, so that, together with Spain’s earlier elimination, makes my two favorite teams of this world cup be surprisingly eliminated.

I really don’t know who to cheer for now, not that I care too much at this point. If logic prevails, (which it never has in world cups) Brazil and Germany would play the final. BORING. I mean, not that I have anything against Brazil, but really, personally I am a bit tired of seeing them always in the final, plus they are just starting to show some good soccer, after a pair of horrible games in the first round. As for Germany, I really don’t care at all for them. They have shown some force, and achieved results, but really I don’t like that team.

We will see what happens between Brazil and France, and England and England and Portugal. I have to say that of the teams still alive in the world cup, I would like to see England prevail. For some reason I like England in this world cup much better than any of the other teams.

Most of my interest for the world cup has gone. Argentina and Spain eliminated, I really don’t care too much for the remaining teams…. nobody to be exited about. I just hope there will be some good games left…


New Juan Valdez, doesn’t look real. June 30, 2006

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With great surprise a couple of months ago I read on a Colombian News paper that JUAN VALDEZ was retiring… Whatttt???? I said to myself…. was this going to be the end of the Colombian icon, the one for which all Colombians feel so proud? THe most widely recognized publicity icon in North America????

Well, in reality the guy is just a character that is represented by an actor, Carlos Sanchez, who has done it for over 35 years, since JUAN VALDEZ was “born” in like the 60’s or 70’s. As it turns out, Carlos Sanchez, or the one we’ve known as Juan, finally deciuded to retire.


So, the National Federation of coffee growers of Colombia decided to run some casting to hire a new actor that would represent JuanValez , and Colombian coffee around the world. Not surprisingly, there were thousands of applications received, and today finally one was chosen.


Unfortunately to me this one doesn’t look real, he looks different from the picture in the logo, and very different from the good old Juan (or Carlos) anyhow, it looks as if Juan had been sick and lost a whole bunch of weight, or something like that..

I wonder now if they are going to “slightly” modify the Logo too? Is conchita (the mule) also going to retire, and a new also skinnier one will replace her????
So, that was my blog of the day. I know there are a lot of things going on around the world to be worrying about how a stupid publicity character looks…. But hey, this is a lighter note, and informative… I bet many of who will read this didn’t know the real name of the actor that represented Juan Valdez…. —Or the new one, who by the way is also called Carlos… His last name is Castañeda, though…

Spain… same as always June 27, 2006

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Good Bye, Spain, seems to be something very, very usual in world cups”

There is definitely something going on with Spain. They will never be able to win, or even get to a world cup final game. The story of today is nothing new: Spain, has a great team, but still gets eliminated in the early stages of the world cup. This has been the case for every world cup that I can remember. Really sad, if you ask me.

Let’s now wait to see what happens with France and Brazil… Looks like Brazil has better chances here, and as usual, they will find their way to the final, as I don’t think either England or Portugal have what it takes to beat Brazil. I hoped for Spain, but it’s been demonstrated that in World Cups it takes more than a good team to get far, something that obviously Brazil has, and Spain absolutely lacks.
Get set for an all-South American final, just like we saw in the Olimpic Games.

I know I am getting ahead of myself, but this is where things are leading us now….


Where did good quality football go? June 26, 2006

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After seeing the result from the Italy-Australia game in the round of 16, only one thing comes to my mind about this round of the world cup… Where is the good quality soccer that we saw in the first round?

So far we’ve seen boring games, where the teams that are supposed to be favorites haven’t really shown clarity, and the “underdogs” never really showing to be a threat. We’ve seen tangled-up games decided by one goal, and literal battles, like the one seen between Portugal and Holland, but none of the good soccer with lots of goals seen in the first round. In the end, the teams that were expected to win have won, but not in a convincing way. Is it the pressure of the knock-out round? Who knows…

“Cooking the planet for profit” June 26, 2006

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I love the way this editorial says it. This seems to be what the Bush administration and other governments around the world are doing when failing to adhere to Environmental agreements, and avoiding to take real measures against gas emissions, and other ways of pollution under the excuse that it slows down economic growth.

People, the Earth is warmer than it has been in 400 years, possibly in two millennia…. Is this enough said, or what?

Forget about Gas Prices, it is the Earth we should worry about June 23, 2006

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It is interesting how people have massively been showing concern about Gas Prices. Considering that Gas prices are mostly driven by Economic forces, there is little us, or the government can do about its price going up. Perhaps they should cut some of the taxes they put on fuel, but really taxes also act as a way to control the use of Gas, and prevent its waste. So, in that extent I am not vary much against high taxation for Gas.

We should not worry so much about the price issue. More than anything everyone should be concerned with how efficiently we are using this fuel that drives our lives, and how much damage we are causing to the environment by irresponsibly driving our car everyday, and unconsciously using non renewable energy that with better habits can easily be saved.

It was very surprising to fiund out that in California and Florida GM plan to offer subsidized gas prices to people that buy big SUV’s like HUMMERS, or SUBURBANS, or ESCALADES, etc… This is UNBELIEVABLE. No wonder GM has been doing so badly lately in business, and this looks to be a selfish desperate move. How in this world would you want to provide incentives for people to use big fat trucks that all they do is damage the environment in which we live? How would it be fare that a person that spends several thousand dollars just to look big in a vehicle that takes twice as much room in the street that we all drive on, pollutes our air, and uses the fuel that other people are trying to save, get gas rebates? It should actually be the other way around, and they should be making SUV owners pay more than others.

In the end we should really forget about Gas prices and how much money we would save by using a fuel efficient car, or not using one whenever we can. It is the earth that is at stake here. If we don’t start finding alternative ways of transportation, our air will get polluted until we can’t breathe anymore, and the precious fuel that is valuable to many other indispensable uses will run out.


America’s Cheesiness June 21, 2006

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As I am watching a granma rapping in that new NBC show America’s Talent, or whatever it is called, I couldn’t help but come and write something about it…. WHAT A TERRIBLE SHOW…. how desperate has our north American society has become… now they are even showing this because they run out of ideas to do more reality shows… This show is terribly Cheesy, it is a degraded and circus version of America idol, we have the three judges who have no idea what to say after each performance… But of course there is the British guy that is there only because of his accent, and because they want him to be the mean one like Simon…. (Are we starting to relate British accent with mean here in North America?) Obviously in the cheesiest show of the decade, there has to be David Hasselhoff… seriously, the guy has a big sign in his forehead that says 80’s… not that I have anything against the 80’s, but Hasselhoff really looks funny here…. I think right now the guy would look funny anywhere he appears on TV, plus, he was hip hopping to the granma that was singing…… Anyway, this was the worst show I’ve seen in a while, it was one of those shows that you dislike so much that you leave the channel on there just to be able to criticize it more… what a bad show…obviously the creators of it lacked some talent in choosing the theme for this new show… I hope they don’t make a Canadian version of it…. That would be a little hard, as I don’t think there is anyone as iconic as David Hasselhoff here…

Oh, I just found out Simon Cowell is the producer, no wonder now.

Mexico Dissapoints in the first round June 21, 2006

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Mexico's performance in this now ending first round of the world cup has been really disappointing. All three games that they've played have lacked clarity; they have been boring games, in which honestly I have nearly fallen asleep. And then the results also speak for themselves: They barely beat Iran in a game that was really really complicated, they could not get it done with Angola, and they lost against Portugal in the last game. Only a Win and a tie for mexico, who has not lived up to the expectations that being a seed mean.

They go on to the next round, but that was more than expected, as rivals Angola and Iran really are not world class. With Portugal Mexico did not show anything, they had the ball for the most part of the second half, but it was more because Portugal just wanted to hold the score, and let Mexico do the hard work, and then there was Omar Bravo: a missed penalty, and a clear one-on-one opportunity that he also missed all within two minutes…. The guy really pissed me off. Portugal was the better team in this group, and they deserve to go on now, more than Mexico.

Heated Title June 21, 2006

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So, Miami won the NBA championship after all, and as I've said before, they were not my preferred team, and I am not very satisfied with the result. I've come to realize that perhaps I am cursed when it comes down to sports or something like that, as the teams that I support just don't win, and it has been like this for the last couple of years. But I will leave this at that as this can be a subject to a whole other blog, but as an example, though last night when I started watching the game, Dallas was up by 10 points with less than 2 minutes left to end the second quarter, from then, Dallas stopped scoring, and by the end of the quarter they were trailing Miami already, and never took the lead again. Was it because I turned the TV on?…. I am starting to wonder.

Anyway, I think Miami deserved their title. As much as I dislike their approach to the game, they were the better team in this series. The thing is that I don't think Miami won the series, but rather Dallas lost it. What I mean by this is that Miami were better in these finals not because they improved the game, but because dallas just stopped playing to their whole capability for some reason. Dallas lost this series all by themselves; Miami did not have to do anything out of normal to win. Dallas took care of making Miami win the series. The Mavs stopped making the jumpers, stopped rebounding, more than doubled their turnovers, etc… They lost this series all by themselves. Oh and perhaps some help from the referees…

But that is enough said. Miami should now enjoy their title. Good for Dwayne Wade, who has done something Kobe Bryant hasn't been able to do,and that is being a Finals MVP…. Wade is a very talented guy, and that is really good for the sport. I'll now just wait for November to come and the next season to start, and I will hope that next year the Lakers will be able to put on a competitive team.

For the Future of NBA June 20, 2006

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Bill Simmons, on his ABC Sports page states it in the best way possible:

"If Miami wins, we may as well go back to box haircuts again, because it's going to be 1991 all over again"

This is one of the many reasons why I want Dallas to win the NBA finals…