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UN General Assembly… September 21, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in News and politics, Politics.

Well, this one is shaping up to be a special General Assembly. Not very often will we get to have two opponent leaders in the same city, and even perhaps in the same building, on the same day, but trying to avoid each other, only communicating through indirect messages sent to each other on their speeches.

That was the case yesterday, with US President Bush, and the president of Iran… My question, especially after watching their interviews on CNN at night, is: Which one of them is worse? All I could think while watching the interviews was: I can’t believe these are our world leaders. I mean, both of them seem to be so stubborn, and none of them really answered any question clearly. All that really leaves us all wondering where things will go in the near future.

Then there was Venezuelan President Chavez calling Bush “The Devil”. What, does that guy think this is a circus? Does he have no respect for all the other members of the UN? Chavez is a specialist in these kinds of comments, but the guy yesterday lacked all sorts of tact, and class. The leader of a country should measure his or her words when speaking to the world. We all know he dislikes Bush, and disagrees with America’s policy. Chavez has made this very clear, so there is no necessity to get up there, and waste everyone’s time by making classless jokes calling other people names… but I know this is too much to ask of Chavez.

Anyway, this one has been a pretty interesting UN general assembly. Today we’ll have Colombia’s president, Alvaro Uribe say his speech…. We’ll see what he has to say. He is a friend of Bush, and an undeclared opponent of Chavez, and Iran…. 



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