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Journey of a Fan August 30, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in pop culture, Shakira.

So I finally got to see Shakira in Toronto, it was all good times, the trip was excellent, and I was glad I was having the opportunity to go see her show live, even though it was several miles away from where I live. As I was going there I could not stop thinking about what as a fan I was doing to go see my “idol”; like flying for such a long distance just to see her. I do respect Shakira lots, and I admire her. So much that I traveled 1386.9005 miles (according to Google maps) by myself over a weekend.

The trip started great. On the airplane I was reading on the airline magazine an article about how Bogotá is booming, how much the city has improved, and how great it is as a tourist destination – The article went to say that the biggest danger you will face in Bogotá is the risk of being forced to dance salsa in front of a group of strangers…. I was happy to read that. As I arrived in Toronto, at a great youth hostel, I started walking around the city realizing how good a city it is. When I had been there before, I hadn’t really had the time to enjoy the city, but this time I really liked it. On the day of the concert I went around the arena early enough to see what was going on, and I saw the busses that transport Shakira and her band!!! The only person I saw walking outside of the bus like any other citizen was Albert Menendez, the really cool Rasta guy that plays keyboards in the band. That was the first sense of excitement there. I was surprised to read a sign at the Arena door saying essentially that no cameras would be allowed in the Arena for the concert, so I got all worried as I really wanted to take some pictures, and started plotting a plan to sneak the camera in…

So, at 6:30 the door opened, for a concert that was supposed to start at 7:30, and there were a lot of people already lining up at least since 5:30.  Lots of Colombians, Colombian flags, Colombian soccer jerseys… It was like if team Colombia was going to play…I stood in line for like 30 minutes, and got in hiding my camera. It all went well, and I got in with no problems with my camera, to only later find out that everybody had cameras and were taking pictures and even video during the concert…. Apparently it wasn’t necessary to hide the camera to bring it into the arena.

So, the concert went well, and I will try to write up a review on it on another post. My seat was at an excellent position where I viewed the whole concert from.  In the end everyone in the crowd seemed to love the concert, and I was really excited that I got to see Shakira so up close to me and that I got to take many pictures of her show. (Too bad a few of them turned out really blurry).

The day after it was time to come back home, with my memories from the show, and wondering if I am a really big looser that makes such a long trip just to go see Shakira. Obviously, after seeing your idol you always want more, but when you think about it, all you can really get is to pay a lot of money for an expensive ticket up close to the stage, and see the artist performing. The trip on the plane back was really good. On the airplane I read the article about Bogotá once more, and when I got back to Winnipeg, I realized this is a city that I find too small and quiet for my taste, after I got to see how good it felt to be in T.O.

So this is the story of my trip to go see Shakira. I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity to do anything like this again, so this one will remain in my memory. Hey, maybe my grandkids will laugh at me some day when I tell them the story!!!



1. Raul Riguierio - September 6, 2006

We’re going to the show in New York on 9/7 and I want to ask, what time did she actually take the stage?

2. David - September 6, 2006

The show was originally suppossed to start at 7:30. They opened the doors to the Arena at 6:30,Wyclif started his show at around 8:15, which lasted for like 30 minutes. Then, there was a 30-minute reces before shakira started. So, it was about 9:45 when she came on stage.
Enjoy the show!

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