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North american Tour Kicked off August 11, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Latin America, pop culture, Shakira.

normal_escena.jpg It looks like Shakira started her North American Oral Fixation tour in style. Apparently the El Paso concert was excellent, as expected. The Toronto Concert is still getting closer, and expectation for me keeps growing. I absolutely Can’t wait.

I was reading some Latin American news yesterday and found out that Jerry Rivera, the Puerto Rican Salsa singer from the 90’s actually was complaining about the trumpet arrangement on his “Amores Como el Nuestro” song, because Shakira uses the same arrangement on “Hips don’t Lie”. Truth be told, I think the guy is more envious than anything, as Shakira did everything legally, and got permission to use them, but apparently Rivera wanted her to personally ask him for permission, or something. oh well…. Maybe he just wanted a chance to meet her….

Anyway, Looks like shakira also published the schedule for her Latin American “Fijación Oral” tour…. Apaprently she will be all over the place (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, of course… etc…) I just haven;t been able to find anywhere the actual dates for her concerts… It would be interesting to know…

Well, Shakira and Wycleaf Jean in Phoenix tonight, should be alright as well…. We’ll see what the media says tomorrow…



1. mi - August 11, 2006

hmm i wonder how much tickets will be in honduras???

2. Bill - October 8, 2006

How much tickets in Panama and where I can buy it???

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