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Villeneuve out of F1 August 9, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Formula 1, NASCAR, Sports.

It wasn’t that surprising. To tell the truth, JV’s days in F1 were coming to an end, and it only happened a few months earlier than expected. Personally I’ve never liked Villeneuve too much as I never really saw him as an F1 winner. Back in 1997, when he was the world champion I didn’t really follow F1. Also, because JV was one of Montoya’s “enemies” in F1, I think I came to dislike the guy. I never enjoyed his racing style, or never saw anything exciting on him from his years in BAR, Renault, or Sauber. Villeneuve’s career has been going downward ever since he left the Williams team, and it was really funny seeing him desperately looking for a race sit in 2004 after he was fired from BAR.

Now they are saying he might go to NASCAR, like JPM did. Honestly I think it would be exciting to see him racing in NASCAR, and see another familiar face racing there. Since I haven’t been following NASCAR too much, I know very few names beyond Jeff Gordon, or Dale Earnhardt Jr.

In any case, Villeneuve in NASCAR would be interesting, but I doubt that he would have any success. I don’t think he has the same natural talent as Montoya does, or at least he’s lost the talent that he proved he had back in the 90’s. Plus, Villeneuve does not have a close relationship with a NASCAR team like Montoya does with Chip Ganassi. Even the North American media does not seem to be as positive on a potential NASCAR drive by Villeneuve, like they were when Montoya announced he would race the series. For some reason, it seems like the atmosphere is not as open for Villeneuve in NASCAR.

So, it seems like Villeneuve is not ready to quit racing just yet, and he is willing to race NASCAR if he has to. It would be interesting to see him racing a stock car, but I don’t think he would make a good race contender.



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