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I Really Wonder what Chavez’s Intentions are August 1, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Latin America, News and politics, Politics.

Of all the news stories that I read every day, there are some of them that really make my blood boil, as there are some things that happen in this world that I just plainly don’t understand. The wars going on in the middle east really catch a lot of my attention, and concern, and I could write blogs on those every day, but I don’t as I’ve posted a couple of articles on that, and I want to maintain a variety of topics in this blog.

The latest story that is making me feel full of concern is Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez’s latest eastern tour, including visits to Russia, Belarus, and Iran. After seeing all the things that this guy does and says, I can only wonder what his real intentions are. I think this guy really has dark intentions for Latin America and the world, in allying with some of the countries that right now are creating fear and instability in the world.

Chavez signed a deal to acquire weapons with Russia, which in itself is fine; every country has their own right to defend themselves. However, the amount of weapons that this guy is getting makes me think that he has obscure plans to attack somebody. I really hope I am wrong, but I don’t see any other objective on him being so keen on getting tremendous amounts of weaponry.

After Russia, Chavez went to visit Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus authoritarian president, “Europe’s last dictator”. Now, it is obvious that both of the “presidents” have a lot in common, and this is no surprise to anyone. The way Chavez has been governing Venezuela has been more dictatorial than anything.

Then, the most recent stop in Chavez’s tour is Iran…. What else can be said? Iran is currently urged by the UN to stop their nuclear weapon development, and are said to be supporters of terrorist groups like Hezbollah. Does Chavez want to get involved in all this? Does he want his own share of nuclear responsibility? Is he looking for more ways to be authoritarian? Is he trying to create fear in the Latin American community just like Iran has done with the whole world? Again, I hope the answers to all those questions are “NO”, however, unfortunately the evidence seems to show the opposite.

If Chavez doesn’t like the United States that is fine, as a matter of fact, most people in the world don’t. However, all of his actions are going too far in showing that he is an anti-democratic leader, that his ways are the ways of fear, that he has bigger plans to expand his influence to other countries. Chavez is just helping to create more instability in the world. A lot of the Venezuelan’s I know say this guy is crazy, and I am starting to believe the same thing. For now I can only hope that his intentions are not as obscure as my pessimistic predictions indicate.



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