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No Polar bears near Winnipeg! July 28, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Life in general, Winnipeg.

In response to Al’s comment, who asked whether I’ve seen the Polar Bears that live near Winnipeg, I decided to write this blog, as I find it interesting how so many people south of the border, and even some in Canada have a bit of a misconception about Winnipeg. I don’t blame anyone from believing that there are Polar bears here, though as winters in here do get pretty damn cold. However, the Polar Bears don’t come this far down. The Polar Bears are in Churchill, which is a city way up north in this same province, by the Hudson Bay. You can’t drive there, you have to fly, or take a 38-hour train to get there. Perhaps Al and some others have read about that, and believe Churchill is near by Winnipeg, but it actually is pretty far away.

So, thanks for your comment, Al. I’d like to see those Polar bears some time too, but it seems like it is not much easier for me to get there than it is for you (I don’t actually know where you live). Hopefully some day you’ll make it there, and if you get there before I do, let me know how it is. Meanwhile I will keep enduring these harsh winters, and unbearable super hot summers (-40 degrees Celsius, to +40 Celsius)….



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