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Understanding Zidane July 24, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Life in general, Soccer, World Cup 2006.

Something happened to me last weekend that made me that made me understand a bit more what Zidane did at the world cup final. This may be obvious, but when somebody is talking too much, and you want them to stop doing it, and they make you loose your cool with their words, violence comes, as you think it is the only way to bring things to an end.

What happened to me last weekend was similar to Zidane’s case in that there was this guy who was drunk and annoying, and he started harassing my girlfriend friend, and obviously that got me upset, so I went to him and told him to stop it, but they guy only got more annoying, and started saying insults, and all that. It doesn’t really matter what this guy said, but when he got so annoying, I totally lost my cool, and jsut wanted to beat the “#$%*&%” out of him. I hit him on the face a couple of times, broke a camera he was using to annoy people, and threw his sunglasses on the floor… The guy never did anything other than saying annoying things, I don’t know if it was because he was so drunk, or because he is just such a wimp. After that, the security people separated us, and I went back to my table, but the guy still would not shut up, so I got up, confronted him again, and told him to go outside with me to resolve any problem that he had…. The security guys of the place saw me confronting him for the second time, and even though I hadn’t been the initiator, and I was the sober one, they kicked me out of the place….

Making the connection to the Zidane case, you can say that he probably didn’t initiate things (who knows)…. But the thing is that as a human you can really loose control of yourself when others are too annoying, and maybe Zidane did get hurt if the words were insults to members of his family. This doesn’t justify anything, as Zidane should have kept his cool, just like I should have as well on my incident, but personally I think I understand a little bit what was going through Zidane’s head when he head butted Materazzi.



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