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It is irrational to try to stop violence by creating a war July 20, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in News and politics, Politics.

Israel’s disproportionate use of force will only bring more violence to the Middle East.

Israel has its own right to defend itself. That is what the majority of the western world thinks when it comes down to the situation in the Middle East in the last week. Fine, this may be true. The question that I have is whether it is a good idea to bring violence to an end when all you are creating is more violence. Do Israelis really think that bombing Lebanon will make Hezbollah, a terrorist group, want to stop their terrorist acts? I think Israel’s actions are just feeding Hezbollah’s hunger, and are just making Lebanese people get on the side of Hezbollah, as they feel that the common enemy is the one that is destructing their territory, and killing their families.

The US ambassador to the UN has defended Israeli actions, as it is the only position that the US can take, since there is a big similarity between what is happening right now, and what the US did on Iraq. So, the obvious thing to do for the US is to get on the side of Israel, and say that there is a valid reason for Israel to do what they are doing. Quoting John Bolton, US ambassador to the UN: “As we’ve said repeatedly, what we seek is a long-term cessation of hostilities that is part of a comprehensive change in the region and a part of a real foundation for peace but, still, no one has explained how you conduct the cease-fire with a group of terrorists”.

After hearing this, all that comes to mind is a quote that I once read. I believe it was Mahatma Gandhi who said it: “There is no road to peace, peace is the road”.



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