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Crashed July 14, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Movies, Society.


From the time of the Oscar awards, when the movie “Crash” started making some noise I had wanted to see it, but for some reason I just hadn’t been able to do it.

And yesterday I finally saw it. What a movie. It created a big impact on me. Crash shows reality as it is, with all the crudeness that it requires, It represents society’s behavior in any American city, it shows violence, racism, hatred, injustice…. the worst part is: This is exactly what is going on in our society today.

To me Crash is like a wake up call for its audience to realize the way things are, no matter what position in society you hold, this movie shows how things work, a reality seen by many, no matter whether you’ve been touched by it or not. (The fact is, chances are you have been touched by this reality).

Crash also demonstrates how hatred, resentment, and lack of tolerance are ruining our society. It is telling us “here, this is the world that we have, now, where are we going to end up if we continue in this way????”

I am not an expert in writing movie reviews, and I am not going to pretend to do it here, but I really liked this movie. As a movie, I found a big similarity to “Amores Perros“, that famous Mexican movie from 2001. I consider Crash was a great movie. It depressed me, I felt it. It put my feet on earth, it rang a bell showing me that in this world things are not the way we sometimes think, reminding me that we better start spreading love, otherwise we will destroy ourselves.



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