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Why? July 5, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in News and politics, Politics, Society.

It is still hard for me to understand why North Korea has decided to remain isolated from the international community over the years ever since the Stalinist government is in power. Everyone wonders how things work over there, and whether their people leave freely, and whether they at leas leave under the most basic living conditions.

Now, North Korea’s government has decided to fire a whole bunch of missiles for a reason that is incomprehensible for the rest of the world, although many believe to know the reason, which, according to what they speculate, is to provoke the US, and display power to show that they are stronger than many think.

Well, to me all this is inconceivable. How is it that in the 21st century, after all the damage that was done to the earth and the creatures that inhabit it in the previous century,  there are still countries who want to build weapons that can create even more damage, and show them off. Haven’t they realized peace is the only way in which we will still be able to have a world for the future generations? Has our level of distrust for each other as humans has become so big that we need to create and show off bigger and more destructive weapons all the time to make others respect us?

I plainly don’t understand any of this. I wonder why North Korea has decided to remain isolated, ignoring the invitations of other countries to join them in talks. I wonder why instead of creating ways that will bring them closer to the rest of the world they decided to get more distant with actions like today’s.  I also wonder what is in the minds of governments and groups that still make them believe war is the way to go. Is it because they don’t like peace? Do they feel safer in war than in peace? –I don’t. My mind hasn’t reached the level of reasoning to find reasons, and all I can ask is: Why?




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