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New Juan Valdez, doesn’t look real. June 30, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Coffee, Colombia, Entertainment, Publicity.

With great surprise a couple of months ago I read on a Colombian News paper that JUAN VALDEZ was retiring… Whatttt???? I said to myself…. was this going to be the end of the Colombian icon, the one for which all Colombians feel so proud? THe most widely recognized publicity icon in North America????

Well, in reality the guy is just a character that is represented by an actor, Carlos Sanchez, who has done it for over 35 years, since JUAN VALDEZ was “born” in like the 60’s or 70’s. As it turns out, Carlos Sanchez, or the one we’ve known as Juan, finally deciuded to retire.


So, the National Federation of coffee growers of Colombia decided to run some casting to hire a new actor that would represent JuanValez , and Colombian coffee around the world. Not surprisingly, there were thousands of applications received, and today finally one was chosen.


Unfortunately to me this one doesn’t look real, he looks different from the picture in the logo, and very different from the good old Juan (or Carlos) anyhow, it looks as if Juan had been sick and lost a whole bunch of weight, or something like that..

I wonder now if they are going to “slightly” modify the Logo too? Is conchita (the mule) also going to retire, and a new also skinnier one will replace her????
So, that was my blog of the day. I know there are a lot of things going on around the world to be worrying about how a stupid publicity character looks…. But hey, this is a lighter note, and informative… I bet many of who will read this didn’t know the real name of the actor that represented Juan Valdez…. —Or the new one, who by the way is also called Carlos… His last name is Castañeda, though…



1. Brotherhood of the Bean - June 30, 2006

Carlos Sanchez of Medellin, Colombia :=)

2. Teresa S. - July 29, 2006

Sure, the new Juan Valdez may look different to you, and it may feel like he is yet another actor, but the truth is, Carlos Castaneda is a real coffee farmer, and not just an actor who portrays a coffee farmer. He is “the real thing”, and as such, a true representative of our coffee farmers. Long live el nuevo new Juan Valdez!

3. Sandra M. - November 7, 2007

Everything is give time to the new Juan Valdez to be in the memory of people around the world. He looks a little different just because is young, the old one … was that “old” and he really wanted and needed get retired. like Teresa said, this guy is a real coffee farmer, until he won the chance to be “Juan Valdez” he worked in his farm like another normal farmer there. With the time he will take more experience being Juan Valdez and everybody will get use to his smile and all that he has to teach about the world where he born.

4. Goyo - November 25, 2007

In fact the old Juan Valdez, used to look just as young and slim as this new Juan when he started to represent the character, and as you well mentioned that old man was just an actor, he never collected a single bean of coffee anytime before of being hired as the image of the colombian coffee; nevertheless this new Juan Valdez could teach you or anybody else what is the perfect timing to collect the best coffee, how to store it and any other secrect than only a real farmer with years of experience, more than 30 to be more accurate can possibly know about the art of harvesting the best coffee in the entire world. The Colombian Coffee!

5. tom - April 14, 2008

Doesn’t matter who plays Juan Valdez. They’re all wetbacks.

6. jorge - July 6, 2009

hola de donde eres jorge mi msn es profe101@hotmail.com

7. Kate - October 26, 2009

Tom – “Wetbacks” is actually a pejorative term which refers to Mexicans who cross the border into the US illegally, specifically via the Rio Grande into Texas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetback). Juan Valdez is Colombian. Colombia is located in South America and Mexico is located in Central America (part of North America) so they’re technically on two different continents. Now you’ve demonstrated your ignorance on more than one level. Congrats!

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