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Spain… same as always June 27, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Soccer, Sports, World Cup 2006.


Good Bye, Spain, seems to be something very, very usual in world cups”

There is definitely something going on with Spain. They will never be able to win, or even get to a world cup final game. The story of today is nothing new: Spain, has a great team, but still gets eliminated in the early stages of the world cup. This has been the case for every world cup that I can remember. Really sad, if you ask me.

Let’s now wait to see what happens with France and Brazil… Looks like Brazil has better chances here, and as usual, they will find their way to the final, as I don’t think either England or Portugal have what it takes to beat Brazil. I hoped for Spain, but it’s been demonstrated that in World Cups it takes more than a good team to get far, something that obviously Brazil has, and Spain absolutely lacks.
Get set for an all-South American final, just like we saw in the Olimpic Games.

I know I am getting ahead of myself, but this is where things are leading us now….




1. Allen Avila - June 27, 2006

[…]I agreee deffinetly about Spain. It seems the only time they make it in those kinds of international tournaments is when they have their teams full of brazilian and african players. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Brazil is the champion once more. What would be a novelty if my memory doesn’t fail me is that it would be the first time since the Sweeden World Cup that a non-european team would win in Europe.[…]

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