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Mexico Dissapoints in the first round June 21, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Soccer, Sports, World Cup 2006.

Mexico's performance in this now ending first round of the world cup has been really disappointing. All three games that they've played have lacked clarity; they have been boring games, in which honestly I have nearly fallen asleep. And then the results also speak for themselves: They barely beat Iran in a game that was really really complicated, they could not get it done with Angola, and they lost against Portugal in the last game. Only a Win and a tie for mexico, who has not lived up to the expectations that being a seed mean.

They go on to the next round, but that was more than expected, as rivals Angola and Iran really are not world class. With Portugal Mexico did not show anything, they had the ball for the most part of the second half, but it was more because Portugal just wanted to hold the score, and let Mexico do the hard work, and then there was Omar Bravo: a missed penalty, and a clear one-on-one opportunity that he also missed all within two minutes…. The guy really pissed me off. Portugal was the better team in this group, and they deserve to go on now, more than Mexico.



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