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Heated Title June 21, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

So, Miami won the NBA championship after all, and as I've said before, they were not my preferred team, and I am not very satisfied with the result. I've come to realize that perhaps I am cursed when it comes down to sports or something like that, as the teams that I support just don't win, and it has been like this for the last couple of years. But I will leave this at that as this can be a subject to a whole other blog, but as an example, though last night when I started watching the game, Dallas was up by 10 points with less than 2 minutes left to end the second quarter, from then, Dallas stopped scoring, and by the end of the quarter they were trailing Miami already, and never took the lead again. Was it because I turned the TV on?…. I am starting to wonder.

Anyway, I think Miami deserved their title. As much as I dislike their approach to the game, they were the better team in this series. The thing is that I don't think Miami won the series, but rather Dallas lost it. What I mean by this is that Miami were better in these finals not because they improved the game, but because dallas just stopped playing to their whole capability for some reason. Dallas lost this series all by themselves; Miami did not have to do anything out of normal to win. Dallas took care of making Miami win the series. The Mavs stopped making the jumpers, stopped rebounding, more than doubled their turnovers, etc… They lost this series all by themselves. Oh and perhaps some help from the referees…

But that is enough said. Miami should now enjoy their title. Good for Dwayne Wade, who has done something Kobe Bryant hasn't been able to do,and that is being a Finals MVP…. Wade is a very talented guy, and that is really good for the sport. I'll now just wait for November to come and the next season to start, and I will hope that next year the Lakers will be able to put on a competitive team.



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