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America’s Cheesiness June 21, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Entertainment, TV Shows.


As I am watching a granma rapping in that new NBC show America’s Talent, or whatever it is called, I couldn’t help but come and write something about it…. WHAT A TERRIBLE SHOW…. how desperate has our north American society has become… now they are even showing this because they run out of ideas to do more reality shows… This show is terribly Cheesy, it is a degraded and circus version of America idol, we have the three judges who have no idea what to say after each performance… But of course there is the British guy that is there only because of his accent, and because they want him to be the mean one like Simon…. (Are we starting to relate British accent with mean here in North America?) Obviously in the cheesiest show of the decade, there has to be David Hasselhoff… seriously, the guy has a big sign in his forehead that says 80’s… not that I have anything against the 80’s, but Hasselhoff really looks funny here…. I think right now the guy would look funny anywhere he appears on TV, plus, he was hip hopping to the granma that was singing…… Anyway, this was the worst show I’ve seen in a while, it was one of those shows that you dislike so much that you leave the channel on there just to be able to criticize it more… what a bad show…obviously the creators of it lacked some talent in choosing the theme for this new show… I hope they don’t make a Canadian version of it…. That would be a little hard, as I don’t think there is anyone as iconic as David Hasselhoff here…

Oh, I just found out Simon Cowell is the producer, no wonder now.



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