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A very convinient lecture June 17, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Movies, Politics.

Went to see "An inconvenient truth", the movie last night. It was a fairly interesting movie, if you can call it a movie. I don't think it even qualifies as a documentary, it was more like just a lecture by Mr. Al Gore about climate changes. This doesn't mean that the quality wasn't good; I consider that the topic was well presented, and its importance was stated explicitly. It is another step in what seems to be a huge effort by Mr. Gore to create conscience among the people of every nation about this problem.

As I said, the information is very well presented; however, the biggest down side of this "documentery" is how Al Gore politicizes the topic, throwing jabs at the democrats in every way that he can. I consider this really unfortunate, as it diminishes the movie's credibility, and at times it just makes it look like any of the other "Less important" documentaries that have been made about George W Bush, his policy and the republicans. Anyone who simplathyzes with the conservatives will not believe what this movie says, they will just disregard it right away This is unfortunate as what Al Gore is saying should be taken very seriously, and acted upon. If Mr. Gore had been able to separate his political views from his concerns about the earth, and the climate changes, and if he had been able to avoid attacking the current administration so much, the credibility of this documentary would be a lot higer.

I do very much believe what Gore says, and I consider it very important. I think he is right in the things that he mentions with regards to climate changes, and the ways to solve the problem. I like how the data is presented, and the presentation style of Al Gore. This is not a movie to go andwatch to enjoy and relax. You should be ready to sit at a two-hour lecture about the climate crisis if you wnat to get anything out of "An inconvinient truth". So, for those who don't have anything too major against Al Gore and the republicans, and are patient enought to sit at a lecture, this movie does create some conscience.

In general, it is evident that Gore's intentions are the best, I trust the truthfulness of his message. He seems to be right in all that he says as he backs up the information provided with actual data collected by scientists. It is also good that he provides ideas on what as individuals we can do to help. I consider all of us should take this very seriously in an attampt to save this planet in which we live, no matter what our political ideology is. Hopefully everyone can understand the message, and create some conscience to help clean this mess that we've gottten ourselves into.




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