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Street Racing… a real solution? June 16, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Canada, News and politics, Society.

The bill passed yesterday by the Canadian Conservative party is not a real solution to the street racing problem. All the did was add to the level of risk and adventure that this activity represent, and therefore make it more attractive to street racer, as after all, that is one of the things those people like the most about street racing.

On top of harsher penalties for illegal street racing, I consider that the government should create other programs to address the problem, like education, and providing a space for street racers to legally and safely be able to practice what could be an interesting hobby.

Education is keen on all this. There should be programs that provide information for young drivers on the real risk that this represents for them, and for all the other citizens. An option would be that every person that owns a car of certain characteristics, that can potentially be a racing car, should go to instructional sessions before they can register the car under their name. We also need to create a real conscience on street racing, and make it socially unacceptable. I consider that this time it is very well worth it to spend some money on publicity against this.

Not too long ago I also heard what I think is a pretty good idea to provide spaces where street racers can legally and safely practice their "hobby" I think it was an NDP representative whom I heard this from, and I do consider this would be a nice way to tackle the problem. After all, street-racers like to do this, they spend time planning the races, and setting up their cars. Why not provide some space to legally do this? I would be possible to close some streets, perhaps in the middle of the night, in areas that are not too populated. This way street racers would not feel the need to illegally find their own space.

Bigger police presence is also very important, but I do understand that this is hard, as increasing police presence is so hard due to the fact that there are many other things that police already have to watch for. I do think, though, that police departments in the city could do a bigger effort on this to enforce the law on street racers, and stop their illegal activities in Canadian cities.




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