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Looks like Argentina will win this thing June 16, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Soccer, Sports, World Cup 2006.

I can't believe i couldn't watch the game. Looks like this was THE game to watch. It must have been an absolutely wonderful showcase of good football. Good for the Argentinians, the've showed that this time they have good players and also a great team, unlike the last world cup. I am really glad as Argentina is actually my favourite team of this world cup, hopefully I don't have to miss their next game.

From all that I've see so far in this world cup, it looks like Argentina has showed the best so far, alongside Spain. Those are perhaps the only two teams that have have convincing victories, and not last-minute victories, like we've seen in the majority of the other teams' victories. Even England, who I thought would do really well, they have stumbled, and had problems to beat T&T and Paraguay. I'd still watch for them, as I think they can still do great things in this tournament.

One more thing… How about Ecuador? I haven't actually fully seen any of their two games, but they are starting to make noise here. They seem to have shown good quality soccer. I am not saying they will win this thing, or anything, but it is good for them that they have qualified for the next round. Good for Ecuador! And also good for the Colombians, as Ecuador's coach, apparently the person who has made this team so good, is a Colombian.

I am loving this World Cup.




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