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Soccer, the greatest sport on earth June 15, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Soccer, Sports, World Cup 2006.

I recently read an article on a Colombian news paper of a guy who hates soccer, he critizised the sport, and even said it is "Embarrassing" the way in which people make such big a deal of the World Cup. I was like "Are you kidding me…?". G coranted, there are many things that are not necessarily perfect in soccer, like its commercialization, they ammount of money that it involves, and they way in which big corporations just take advantage of it; There are violent fans, etc. However, there are so many other good things, that All this can pass.

Football is a party, a celebration. It is an event that brings people together from all nations. It gives an opportunity for everyone to fight for something under totally even conditions, no advantage for anyone. Where else would you be able to see the USA as just another competitor, and a country like say Angola being able to fight head to head with them?. In general people from the whole world come together to see a great show, and mostly peacefully they cheer for their team while respecting their rivals. In addition, nations that suffer from internal conflicts are able to bring their people together for a single onjective: to cheer for their national team. Isn't this beautiful, borderline magic? All these things make soccer a blessing, I can only hope that there were more things in the world that can bring people together like soccer does. Just think of this: FIFA has more members than the UN.




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