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Great Cup So far June 13, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in World Cup 2006.

From what I've seen so far in the Germany World Cup, I must say i am very satisfied. There have been good quality soccer, excellent plays, lots of goals, and some great strikes. Up to the time I am writing this, the only game that went scoreless was France vs. Switzerland, which is a bit of a surprise, as I expected France to get an easy victory, although some may argue that France's level has been lowering in the last couple of years, and that the result against Switzerland was not much of a surprise.

In any way, I also like the fact that there haven't been many surprises up to now in the results. I mean, sometimes it is good that the underdogs win, but in general it is good to have a cup where you have great quality football from the good teams. The most heartbreaking loss was Japan's against Australia. I feel bad for the Japanese people, i think they deserved their victory, however we all know that matches run for full 90 minutes (plus injury time), and to win games you must hold your scores for the full length of the games. Good for the Aussies, this was their biggest chance to win a game in the world cup, and they did it.

As for my favourite team, Argentina, I am glad that they won their first game, and now they can relax a bit more for the next game, with less pressure to get their win. Ivory Coast really played well, and it was not as easy for Argentina as you would have thought before the game. Argentina played fairly well, though, and I think they can make good things happen for them in this world cup.




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