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Sports mania! June 8, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Sports.

Just a quick and lighter note mentioning how good the next couple of weeks are for sports fans! First there are NHL Hockey Stanley Cup playoff, in which unfortunately for Canadian Fans Edmonton is not doing too well after the heartbreaking last minute loss on game one, the Oilers lost badly on game two, and it doesn't look like they can come back on this one.

There is also NBA finals!!! starting today, where hopefully Dallas will be able to come through with a win over Miami. I must admit that even though I consider myself a big NBA fan, after my beloved team the Lakers lost on the first round of the playoffs, I haven't payed much attention to how things develop, but I am happy for dallas coming all this way, and in the finals I will loudly cheer for them, as i really dislike Miami, and would not want them to win.

Then, there is also soccer WORLD CUP!, which starts tomorrow. How exiting is that? My four-year wait is over, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow 11 AM to see the first game in action. Growing up I was the greatest soccer fan, and up to my late teens I got to be a quite good analyst. Unfortunately after I moved to Canada I haven't been able to follow soccer as much, but my love for the game continues, and this following month is the most soccer we'll be able to See in Canada in…. four years.

Then, there is also MLB Baseball regular season going on, and CFL football season starting, which complete a very nice profesisonal sport group. In addition, we have Roland Garros Tennis, and F1 this weekend… how about that? Isn't that sport fan paradise, or what? So, seat back, and enjoy.




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