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A worthy Life June 2, 2006

Posted by dtenjo in Life in general.

Most people usually spend their life waiting for a moment in which they will finally be able to have economic stability, and be able to do little work, and relax for the most part, while they have no financial worries. I adhere myself to this group of people, and while to some extent this would bring a relaxed life and certain temporary happiness, I do believe that in time once this is achieved life becomes monotonous, and will not necessarily bring the real happiness and peace that we all seek. Indeed I believe that constant new challenges, new dreams, and helping the community is what brings real happiness and peace, and makes our life feel worthy of all the wonders that the world may bring.

As an exmple I will look at the case of Univeristy (usually undergrad) students. Normally when you are a student you spend four or more years of your life just waiting for that moment to finally finish your studies, graduate, and start making money and not having to worry too much about anything else. This might not be the case of all students, but I am sure it is the case of big chunk of them. Then, what happens is that after graduating and landing a job you feel like you've done it. However, after some time working at a 9-5 kind of job, and having afternoons and weekends to just relax and do whatever you want, you start feeling like there is something missing. It is like you don't feel you are doing enough in life, in spite of all the achievements collectd in the past. Then you start looking for new things to do, building up new dreams and working for those dreams in order to feel more complete in life.
More challenges mean more work, and definitley mean more effort to do in life. Perhaps there will not be as many free weekends and afternoons; however, if there are challenges, it is because there are dreams, it is because there are special reasons to wake up every morning, and it is because we are really working towards something. This in place will make us feel like we are alive, and makes our life worthwhile.

I can certainly relate to this feeling and hope for some more and greater challenges in life. I hope to never stop dreaming, as that day i will feel that I am not alive. I also hope to always be willing to work as hard as I can to make my dreams come true.




1. mi - June 17, 2006

i hope so too david. 🙂

I had the experience of the 8-5 days for one year, and while it was nice to have a fixed income, it kills the rush of emotions that you get as a student.

I am glad to be back in school, and scared of what the future has for me.

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